Technical advice to change tires

There are several ways to change your tires , just as there are several reasons to replace your tires, or, without being necessary, it may simply be a driver’s choice! Indeed, we can replace its tires because they are worn or because they have been damaged and in this case we often choose the same model, sometimes we want to change them by tires of a different brand or for test new brands or because we want different properties of the tires we have always had. So, changing your tires is not always a matter of necessity!

  • The reasons requiring a tire replacement are above all safe, that is to say, that the state of the tire no longer ensures maximum safety, this is the case if:

  • The tire is punctured (all punctures can not be repaired, see our article ” Repair Kit by Wick “)

  • The wear indicator is reached (see our article ” How to see tire wear ?”)

  • If the tire shows signs of aging. The life of a tire is generally 5 to 10 years, these figures may vary depending on the conditions of use and conservation.

  • If the tire is damaged (nails, points, deformation by shock, cut …)

  • If the tire has abnormal wear on the tread or sidewalls, it may be a parallelism fault.

All these criteria will indicate the need to replace our tires , first for safety then because in the cases mentioned above you will not be able to pass your technical control. We always recommend changing your tires in pairs (for greater stability of the vehicle because on the same axle must be identical tires) and if possible (always ask a professional advice) to move the tires back to the front vehicle and the new tires at the rear.

In all cases, when we decide to change tires it is important to respect certain criteria such as respecting the dimensions, the load and speed indices approved by the vehicle manufacturer. Other data, such as the season, in fact in winter or in summer we do not always use the same tires according to our geographical position (north or south of Europe for example), however the 4 season tires offer an interesting alternative these changes (see our article ” Which are the best all-season tires “) or the labeling of the tire, are interesting data to take into account beforehand for a better optimization of our purchase.

You will find in general grabber at2 review some the necessary varieties of tires. A quality tire, changed in the “rules of the art” is a guarantee of safety that we should all require for our vehicle.